Mobile Phone App Specs (Draft)

Campaign Would be Called: The Better QR Code or, since the phrase, “QR Code” is trademarked, maybe use, “A Domain Is Better.”

URL or Domain Name Reader / Scanner App:

A Phone Application That Reads And Manages URLs

Possible Platforms:

– iPhone
– Droid
– Blackberry

Possible Scope of App:

The app would work.

The app would be able to recognize a URL / Domain Name.

It would look for words/strings common to URLs and domain names. These include:

– “http”
– “https”
– “ftp”
– “://”
– “www”
– “. (dots)”
– “-“ (hyphens)
– “=”
– “+”
– “_”
– “?”
– “%”
– “:”
– “#”
– “,”
– A new gTLD List that could include 1000+ TLDs to be comprehensive.
– It should recognize new gTLDs.
– May need to be able to recognize IDNs.
– Upper, Lower, or Upper/Lower Cases

The app would disqualify words/strings/characters not allowed in a URL or a domain name:

– Spaces
– “@” (unless we decide the app can create/open an email).
– Further guidance on recognizing URLs or URIs could be found in RFC 3986 –

The app would perform OCR on the URL, open a browser, and take the user to the proper web address.
The app would make up for shaky hands.
The app would be able to correct a URL read from a slightly curled magazine or surface.
Correction of other problems not recognized by this writer.

Update 2014-03-16

I’d like to credit Chris Cowherd of Donuts with the ideas of creating an industry standardized text / font for readable URLs and possibly a site where marketers could get an exact iteration using the correct font(s); also with the idea of a possible check-sum feature TBD.

I believe that we should enlist the help of an OCR professional or company to learn more about how we can accomplish this goal.

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