Who’s In?

List of Participants / Donors

We are looking for your participation.  Please write to me or register if you want to know more, want to participate in this effort, or wish to contribute.

We’re going to list the domain name related companies and individuals who want to participate or commit to helping with this cause and idea.

Why the picture of Sergey Brin?

  1. I thought it was a cool picture.
  2. It got me thinking about how easy it could be to touch a “Glass” and say, “Go to that site!”.  It’s very likely that cellphones and various mobile apps will end up being part of some sort of wearable apparel like glasses or a wrist watch and that a simple gesture and statement will be able to take us from a magazine, print, website, or poster to other places online in a flash. Domain names could become less necessary in a world like this because plentiful IPV6 addresses could suffice.

Who Are We?


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