This Company Wants to Do Away With QR Codes

2016-09-26_12-01-36Although it appears as if this app uses a kind of QR Code, the article states that they are doing away with them.  That makes sense to me.  I’m not a fan.

On the surface this seems fantastic.  What they seem to be doing is creating a app and a database of advertisements that are scan-able as a whole with a mobile phone.  In other words, you just take a picture of the ad and it causes a direct action which may include placing the product in the ad into a mobile shopping cart for you.  How great is that?  You see something you like in an ad, you take a picture of the ad, and, all of a sudden, you are checking out.  I love that idea.  It seems quick and efficient if they can get the phone companies to go along with it.

Of course as you read the article, it appears that there is still a type of QR Code in the image.  Whatever!  The point is that this app allows you to scan the entire ad.  I think that’s better.  And yes, it will probably take you to a website.

My excitement here comes from the ingenuity.  I still would like to see the domain industry develop an industry-standard method to scan and go to a URL.

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