I Don’t Remember, I Just Press The Button

I was meeting with some friends after church today and we were talking about our plans. In the conversation one of my friends asked another for someone’s phone number. Her reply was, “I don’t remember, I just press the button.” This got me thinking about how speed dial has replaced our memory and even our address books for many telephone numbers. We naturally gravitate towards what is easier.

It also got me thinking about what most people are overlooking; Mobile Mfgrs. are planning to build one very strong QR/bar code reader into the operating systems of mobile phones and I don’t think it will include the ability to read URLs. I may actually have an in with some people who are doing this with mobile phone makers but they don’t want to work on the URL aspect without industry support. I can’t do it myself.

I can’t stand QR codes in their present form. But if they are native to mobile devices that will change how reliable, ubiquitous, and how practical they will become. And they don’t require a URL. One can direct them to the billions of new IP addresses available under IP V6. It will become faster to scan a bar code or QR code than it is to type in a URL.

That could change things. It won’t usurp domains ever but it can take away the 5% and 10% growth rates we’ve all benefitted from over the past 15 years.