Trademark Attorney Thinks Apps are the Future

Trademark Attorney, Sally Abel, wrote the following this week:

“…regardless of whether any of the new gTLDs is competitive with or even overcomes .com as the domain of choice, the future is not domain names. The future is apps. And the future is now. Over a billion people currently use smartphones; and anyone with a smartphone has less and less need to access the internet, whether by URL or otherwise.

Other than accessing the cash machine, I can already do most of my banking via my mobile phone, using an app made available to me via text. I never access the bank’s website directly so the URL—the domain name—is irrelevant to me. I can also shop, make dinner reservations, download my medical records, book a flight and hotel room, enjoy my favourite podcasts, track my runs and pay my children’s tuition—all this and much more, without leaving my phone… I can also bypass the web completely, downloading via text, like my banking app, or by scanning barcodes (using QR codes for Android apps) that appear in publications or on point of sale advertising.

It is estimated that 70 billion apps will be downloaded worldwide in 2013: 56 billion to smartphones and 14 billion to tablets, according to ABI Research…

I’m not so sure I agree with her completely. I think that there is a lot of value in companies using their domain names. But what if she is 10% right, or 20% right. That is important market share that could be lost to the domain name industry if we just sit on the sidelines.

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